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Snow Belle and the Nine Teaching Assistants December 2016

Today we had a Christmas treat as a number of staff performed 'Snow Belle and the Nine Teaching Assistants".  The panto was fantastic and we all laughed, sang and joined in..."oh yes we did!".  It was a wonderful end to the term.

The cast were as follows: 

The Palace - Queen - Mrs Bone, King - Mr Randall, Magic Mirror - Sandi, Snow Belle - Mrs Lavis, Huntswoman - Mrs Graydon

The School - Thrivey - Mrs Heagarty, Sweetie - Mrs Hocking, Moppy - Miss Jones, Sporty - Mrs Middlebrooke, Booky - Mrs Slack, Smithy - Mrs Smith, Snowy - Mrs Snow, Nessy - Miss Clapp, Lammy - Mrs Jenner

Other - Narrators - Mrs Leach and Mrs Cragg, Ofsted Inspector - Mrs Eatherington, Bad Fairy - Mrs Vile, Good Fairy - a surprise appearance from Mrs Kendrick, Flight Attendant - Miss Watson


To set the scene....

Once upon a time, half the world away

The Wicked Queen, was having a bad day

For her one and only daughter, who was a delicate creature

Had just been voted the number one headteacher

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