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Snow Belle and the Nine Teaching Assistants December 2016

Today we had a Christmas treat as a number of staff performed 'Snow Belle and the Nine Teaching Assistants".  The panto was fantastic and we all laughed, sang and joined in..."oh yes we did!".  It was a wonderful end to the term.

The cast were as follows: 

The Palace - Queen - Mrs Bone, King - Mr Randall, Magic Mirror - Sandi, Snow Belle - Mrs Lavis, Huntswoman - Mrs Graydon

The School - Thrivey - Mrs Heagarty, Sweetie - Mrs Hocking, Moppy - Miss Jones, Sporty - Mrs Middlebrooke, Booky - Mrs Slack, Smithy - Mrs Smith, Snowy - Mrs Snow, Nessy - Miss Clapp, Lammy - Mrs Jenner

Other - Narrators - Mrs Leach and Mrs Cragg, Ofsted Inspector - Mrs Eatherington, Bad Fairy - Mrs Vile, Good Fairy - a surprise appearance from Mrs Kendrick, Flight Attendant - Miss Watson


To set the scene....

Once upon a time, half the world away

The Wicked Queen, was having a bad day

For her one and only daughter, who was a delicate creature

Had just been voted the number one headteacher

Picture 1 Let the show begin!
Picture 2 "Mirror, mirror on the wall...."
Picture 3 "The world's best headteacher is Snow Belle"
Picture 4 "It cannot be! It can't be true!"
Picture 5 "Now what am I going to do?"
Picture 6 "Good morning my dear, may I say you look pretty"
Picture 7 "Here's a headteacher award, I went to receive it"
Picture 8 "Now, Snow Belle, she doesn't mean to be rude"
Picture 9 "Mirror, mirror, what's the matter?"
Picture 10 "Please don't say I'm looking fatter"
Picture 11
Picture 12 "Now Huntswoman, listen up, don't be slack..."
Picture 13 "...take the girl away so she never comes back"
Picture 14
Picture 15 "I know I can trust you to do this foul thing"
Picture 16
Picture 17 "How now my daughter, do you fancy a trip?"
Picture 18 "What's wrong - have I done something vile?"
Picture 19 "It's my pleasure today to be your cabin crew"
Picture 20 The Nine Teaching Assistants
Picture 21 Thrivey - a TA for all weathers
Picture 22 Sweetie - who loves to buy bags of Haribo
Picture 23 Moppy - who loves mopping the floor of Reception!
Picture 24 Sporty - who thinks maths is fun!
Picture 25 Booky - who sits at the book fair
Picture 26 Smithy - who loves cleaning the sinks
Picture 27 Snowy - who loves to build castles of snow
Picture 28 Nessy - who watches children learning spellings
Picture 29 Lammy - who loves laminating!
Picture 30 The Bad Fairy enters
Picture 31 "....have the chance to be vile"
Picture 32 "A spell I will cast to make all lessons boring.."
Picture 33 "...soon everyone in the school will be snoring"
Picture 34 "I think we are better off without her
Picture 35 "You haven't always been this grumpy and cross"
Picture 36 "I'm beginning to think that the problem is me!"
Picture 37 "You used to be handsome, now you've got careless"
Picture 38 "Under that wig you're completely hairless"
Picture 39
Picture 40 "On the first day of Christmas...."
Picture 41 A bauble on a Christmas tree
Picture 42 Three pairs of pants...two christmas jumpers
Picture 43 Six broken tablets...
Picture 44 Nine toilet rolls...eight stinky socks
Picture 45 Twelve baby carrots...eleven Pokemon cards...
Picture 46 "There's ever so much learning for us all to do"
Picture 47 The Good Fairy enters
Picture 48 "Who are you old lady?"
Picture 49 "I'm here to transform you"
Picture 50 "I thought you'd turn up,try to undo my wrong"
Picture 51
Picture 52 "Calm down bad sister, you're being too hard..."
Picture 53 "...don't make me give you a yellow card"
Picture 54 The Bad Fairy is restrained
Picture 55 "You won't get away with this"
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58
Picture 59 "I'm sorry I was jealous of your glittering career
Picture 60 You are my sunshine
Picture 61 The singing competition begins...
Picture 62
Picture 63 "I may be dressed like a bicycle reflector..."
Picture 64 "...but I am in fact an Ofsted Inspector - uh-huh"
Picture 65 "What's the grade?" "Outstanding!"
Picture 66 "Your exits are here...and here..."
Picture 67 'Can't stop the feeling!'
Picture 68 The whole school stands for a song and dance
Picture 69 The show is over....

School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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