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Sickness and Absences


If your child is ill please phone the school before 9.30 on the first day of absence and leave a message on the absence answerphone. If you have not done so, we will contact you to confirm the welfare and whereabouts of your child. A written note is not required on your child’s return to school if you have informed us of the absence by phone.  

If your child has been off with sickness or diarrhoea, they will need to remain off for 48 hours to ensure that the virus has cleared completely.

The guide below produced by the NHS is very useful to see when and for how long your child should be off school with many common childhood illnesses.

Administration of Medicines

The School is able to administer prescribed medicine. Non-prescribed medicine will only be accepted for an ongoing condition. Prior written permission is required before any medication can be given and forms are available in classes and the school office.


Updating emergency contact numbers

It is very important that any changes of telephone and mobile number for all contacts are given to the office as soon as they change. It is vital that we are able to reach you in an emergency situation or if your child is unwell. We need more than one contact name in case we are unable to reach you.  



Arranged absences: Please arrange dental/medical appointments for outside the school day wherever possible. When an appointment has to be during the day, please inform the class teacher and provide a copy of the appointment letter. 


Other absences may be approved in exceptional circumstances e.g. funerals.  Absences for holiday are unable to be approved. If you book a holiday in term time, this will be recorded as unauthorised and may result in a fine from the Local Authority.

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