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Red-Riding Hood and the Beanstalk Panto December 2017

Here are a few pictures from the fantastic staff pantomime this morning - Red-Riding Hood and the Beanstalk:


Narrator 1 - Mrs Cragg; Narrator 2 - Mrs Leach

Red-Riding Hood - Mrs Lavis;  Queen - Mrs Bone;  King - Mr Randall;  Jack - Mr Hadden

Mysterious woman - Mrs Baker;  Giant - Mrs Vile

National Elf - Mrs Rixon;  Elf & Safety - Mrs Lear;  Good Elf - Mrs Slack;  Bad Elf - Miss Watson;  Elfis - Mrs Hunt;  Elf Improvement - Mrs Hocking;  Elf Control - Mrs Middlebrooke

Picture 1 "I could get a job painting nails, doing hair...."
Picture 2 "Hi I'm Jack"
Picture 3 "Have you got a room going spare?"
Picture 4 "It sounds a bit steep!"
Picture 5 "I'm very pleased to meet you and so is Daisy"
Picture 6 "Don't be crazy!"
Picture 7 "I always thought we'd be best friends for heifer"
Picture 8 "Oh a fine young man with a sad tearful face"
Picture 9 "I'll choose you a song & if you sing the chorus"
Picture 10 "One finger, one thumb...."
Picture 11 "I will give you this in exchange for your cow"
Picture 12
Picture 13 "I may have just ordered a new party dress"
Picture 14 "It was a bargain, I needed a new one!"
Picture 15 An argument ensues which attracts Red Riding Hood
Picture 16 "It was him!" "It was her!"
Picture 17 "Stop!"
Picture 18 "Oh no!"
Picture 19 "In my dreams I have a plan..if I got me..."
Picture 20 "We traded-she got a cow, I got a bean & this book
Picture 21 "...a beautiful bean possessing fantastical powers
Picture 22 "A beanstalk had sprouted at the end of the garden
Picture 23
Picture 24 "Here lives a giant, incredibly tall"
Picture 25 "and she really doesn't like you humans at all"
Picture 26 The elves enter
Picture 27 "I'm Elf and Safety"
Picture 28 "I'm Good Elf"
Picture 29 "I'm Elf Control"
Picture 30 "I'm Elfis, the King"
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33 "That's the giant! Enormous you call her"
Picture 34 "Oh yes I will!"
Picture 35
Picture 36 "You can both have your freedom & my treasure too"
Picture 37
Picture 38 "We brought back this treasure to pay all we owe"
Picture 39 "...thanks to you our Christmas is saved"
Picture 40 "The truth is my friends, that Christmas is on me!
Picture 41 "Snow is falling, all around me...."
Picture 42 "...children playing, having fun"
Picture 43 "Merry Christmas Everyone!"
Picture 44 ....and Happy Birthday Mrs Lavis!

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