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Owls & Rabbits (Year 2)

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Teachers: Miss Cox,Mrs Miller, Mrs Rixon & Mrs Durkin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hocking, Mrs Beeby


Summer Term

This term we are learning all about seaside holidays, we are specifically looking at Exmouth, Dawlish and Teignmouth.  Last year we visited Dawlish, this year we are visiting Exmouth.  The children are choosing one of these locations to research and produce a project about.  We have been focusing on seaside holidays now, in the past, and transport.  We have had great fun designing our own ice lollies which we can't wait to make and eat.  

In music we have been learning to play the xylophone, we have learnt to play 'A sailor went to sea'.  

Spring Term

During the Spring term we really enjoyed learning about growing plants and Roald Dahl.  We had lots of fun finding out about The Twits, writing our own tricks and playing tricks on each other.  We had a lovely visit to Heavitree Park with Paul from Devon Wildlife Trust who helped us to distinguish between different trees using their leaves and bark.  We also did our own science experiment to see what plants need to grow.  We discovered that they need sun, water and soil.

Autumn Term

Our topic this half term has been. ‘How can we keep fit and healthy?’ We started off learning about the Olympics and had our own mini Olympics to find out more about the different Olympic events. We created our own non-fiction books to share our learning and even created a glossary to explain what words such as ‘synchronised’ mean. We then moved onto healthy eating and have been finding out about ‘The Eatwell Guide’, which teaches us how to have a healthy and balanced diet. Using this information we are designing our own healthy pizzas which we are looking forward to eating at our end of term mini Olympics event with our parents.

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