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Oaks & Elms (Reception)

Teachers: Mrs Sowden, Mrs Cragg, Mrs Vile and Mrs Horn

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Carter, Miss Jewels, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Stokes, Mrs Smith


Welcome to the Reception pages on the school website! We are Oaks (Mrs Cragg and Mrs Sowden) and Elms (Mrs Vile and Mrs Horn).


We are all in full time now and we are settling in well.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the parents and carers for your patience and support, with so much help from you the classes will soon be into the routine of school life.

The first few weeks are spent doing statutory assessments so that we can understand your children and figure out the best ways to help them and lay the foundations for their life of learning.


Reading books will be coming home soon and we’d like to reiterate our invitation to our first Fact Finder to get some top tips on how you can help your child enjoy learning to read, and how you can help and support them at home.


Phonics is a huge part of our learning this term too, we’ll be working to introduce the sounds that each of the 26 letters of our alphabet make so that we can use them to read and write. Look out for our Fact Finder in mid October.


Learning with Others:

 Our core learning skill this half term is “Learning with Others”.

It sounds so easy but when you are only 4 and there are so many new faces to recognise and get to know it’s a massive challenge! We are working hard to get to know each others names and to learn our classroom routines.

Being tired is also part of this term’s challenge, we have cushions and blankets in quiet places around our room for those of us who need a rest in the afternoon. (Not the grown ups!!!)


Please, please keep talking to us and sharing your worries and your delights, we really value your input and need your help to make your child’s first year at our school as successful as possible.


In our learning so far this term we have started with a topic of 'Introducing me'. As we have been learning each other's names and getting to know each other and the setting. Take a look at the pictures of our 'Early Days' here


Now we have moved on to learning about harvest.

The Story of The Little Red Hen helped us learn where our bread came from, and we all enjoyed tasting different types of bread.  Take a look at the pictures here.


This week we have using the text The Giant Jam Sandwich for our literacy, and we all made our own jam sandwich! The spreading was very tricky!!  Take a look at the pictures here.


We came back after Christmas full of energy and ever so clever!

Our learning has all been based around animals. We’ve enjoyed thinking about farms and farm animals and wild animals. We’ve even been on a Bear Hunt, searching for different sized bears in our wildlife area.

In PE we’ve added music to the story and travelled over, under and through the apparatus.

We will be heading to Pennywell Farm soon to see some real animals, no bears though we hope!

Phonics has been all about digraphs and trigraphs as we move onto the next phase of our learning and we’re segmenting and blending for all we’re worth. Many thanks to all of you at home for your hard work, the practising is really paying dividends.

As well as learning some  language of comparison and position we have learnt about the signs +  -  and = so that we can begin to use them in the calculations we want to write.

So much to do, so much to learn… so much fun!

Thanks again for sharing the journey.  


Core Learning Skills

Our core learning skill was ‘Improving our own learning and performance’. We are working super hard on the learning that you can see as well as the important things that we need to use so that we can make progress. Our fine motor control is something we practise every day and our letter formation and number writing is getting better all the time.   


Our Values

This term the Value we have been focusing on has been ‘Excellence’. We listened to the Bible story of Nehemiah. We learnt about trying hard even when things seem really difficult, just like Nehemiah. We recognise excellence as the very best we can do right now, we talk about golden behaviours as ways we behave when there is nothing we can do to make them better.

Summer Term

Wow, what a busy half term we had!

Our trip to Pennywell Farm was wonderful, we all fed and stroked the animals. The Rainbow Train was probably our favourite part of the day.

As part of our Fit and Well work we used bossy words to make posters that help us stay healthy, they remind us toDrink lots of Water and Wash your Hands. We also had our Sports Day and showed our friends and families how good we are at being part of a team and how fast we can run!

We started June with a really exciting time thinking about our Queen and how hard she has worked in service to our country.  What fun to wear red, white and blue for the picnic garden party on 10th June and to come together and celebrate.  

We love riding on our magic carpet and in this topic we travel Up High and Under the Sea, using the words First, Then, Suddenly and At last to move our writing on.


Core Learning Skills

Our core learning skill is ‘Speaking and Listening’. Our confidence is sky high and we’re all very good at speaking at the moment. As we move from the world of “me” into the world of “us” we are working hard to remember to listen and understand as well as talk.

When we write we rehearse our sentences and in everything we do we try to explain what we know and what we are thinking. We know how important our eyes are when we talk and we’re trying hard to look at each other when we chat.


Our Values

This term our Values are “Hope” and “Nurture”. We listened to the Bible stories of the Lost Sheep and Zacchaeus. We are learning about the importance of hope to sustain us and how we can grow through challenge with our friends and families alongside us to care and nurture us.

Learning lessons through stories from our own and other’s religions has helped us think about how we behave.

School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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