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Pick up on Friday 5th July for fete

As you know our first priority here at St Michael's is the safety of all our children. It is with this in mind that we are setting the expectations for Friday fete day. If you wish to pick your child up early for the fete please come round to the normal outside classroom doors after 2.15 pm. You will be asked to sign your child out. If your child is going with someone other than their normal pick up person we will need confirmation of this in advance, preferably in writing. The adult collecting the children, as usual, will need to be over 16. 
This is for all children - Years 5 and 6 will be released at 3.15pm as usual unless picked up by an adult as per above. If your child is attending FISH after school, please see them about arrangements to visit the fete. Y1 Ducks - separate information has gone home to you already
This information will also come home to you tomorrow on a slip to ensure that everyone in school receives the same message. Thank you