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Maths at Home

Information to help you with mathematics learning at home:
There are 15 weeks of rich mathematical activities in this section, all using simple resources available at home or easy to make!

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) have produced a series of short videos, which they are calling "Maths Snacks". Each video introduces a mathematics 'idea' - they are a mixture of tasks, puzzles, challenges, and games, selected to support and enrich the mathematics taught at school. Many can be accessed by very young children, with a little bit of adult support, and all of them are relevant to pupils across the whole school age-range.

There is hardly ever a single right answer and there are many ways of working on these tasks.  They are designed to be enticing and focus on working in ways that mathematicians do; such as exploring situations, looking for patterns and rules, asking questions and seeking answers, and, trying out and testing ideas. You can access the videos here.

Other useful websites to support with Mathematical learning at home:

Jenga Views:

Have you got a set of Jenga at home? You could try these ideas to develop and build spatial awareness and recognition. For each Jenga Views puzzle, you need to build a structure with Jenga blocks that has the side view, the front view and the top view shown in the pictures. There are 30 Jenga Views puzzles to try in the document below.

National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit

Have you visited this website? Well worth a look - you can find advice for families as well as activities for children organised into different categories:

  • Around the house
  • Maths and Money
  • Games
  • Out and about
  • Songs, books and TV

Click here to visit the site.


Some important messages about Maths

Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, USA, has produced a series of short articles focussing on key messages about maths learning. Follow the links below to read each article.

"Anyone can learn to high levels" click here

"Mistakes grow your brain" click here

"Parents' beliefs about maths change their children's achievement" click here

Maths – Websites for maths

To support you with helping your children with maths, this document provides details of a variety of different maths based websites; some aimed at parents, some aimed at teachers, but all potentially useful in helping children with their maths.

PARITY - a deceptively simple, yet addictive number game for children and adults. By moving around a 3 x 3 grid, can you change each number so that all nine numbers have the same value? Click here to play the game!

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