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Jaguars & Pumas (Year 6)

Teachers: Mrs Clark, Mr Hatswell

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jenner, Mrs Middlebrooke, Miss Clapp

We have had a great first half term in year 6! We are very pleased with how the children have settled and with both the behaviour and quality of work that is being completed.


Our topic this half term has been Space and the children started the topic by ‘launching into Space!’ You can see photos of this here. They then spent the following seven weeks investing Space. The children had a range of quests to complete and could choose how they showed their learning. Here are some pictures of the children learning, both inside and out of our classrooms. We are finishing this topic by visiting @Bristol and are all really exciting about attending, and participating in, the planetarium show there.

In Literacy we have been using our Space knowledge to help us plan and write stories based on the Colin Thomson text, The Tower to the Sun. The children explored the text using actions and story maps and then wrote their own stories about a tower to somewhere in Space.


In Maths we have been revising and extending our knowledge on place value, ordering and rounding numbers up to 10,000,000 as well as multiply and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and using these skills to help us answer questions involving conversion between different units of  measure.


During our Games sessions the children have been lucky enough to work with coaches from Exeter City FC learning how to play handball. You can see pictures of them in action here. PE sessions have been linked to our Space topic and the children have been completing astro-circuits and gaining an understanding of the fitness levels required by astronauts. See pictures of them hard at work here!


Our value this half term has been Respect and we have been discussing with the children what it means to show and earn respect as a member of year 6. We have also been exploring respect in the Bible through our weekly year group assemblies. In year 6 the children can volunteer to plan and lead one of these assemblies and we have been so impressed with the groups who have done this this half term! They have worked really hard, in their own time, to plan and produce some fantastic interactive assemblies.


Our Core Learning Skill has been ‘learning with others,’ and we have been exploring the skills and strategies needed to do this effectively through specific lessons as well as throughout all of our learning. The children have been challenged to work in different teams and to take on different roles within these teams whilst completing a range of tasks. Here are some photos of our natural art challenge in Heavitree Park.


Over the last six weeks we have seen a selection of children from both classes represent the school in a Maths Master class, Bronze Young Ambassadors training and a G & T sports session at St.Luke’s. We have also attended the Odean to listen to the ’10 pieces’ sequel. On each occasion the children have demonstrated an excellent work and team ethic along with impeccable behaviour.

We are really looking forward to next half term and our next History topic, ‘Has there ever been a better time to live here?’  Watch this space to find out more!


In RE, we looked at the question: 'How do we show commitment in our everyday lives?' Firstly we looked at this question in relation to Muslims and Islam. This involved investigated the five pillars of Islam and reflecting on which we thought was the most important pillar. We also found out about Muslim prayer mats. After this we answered the question in relation to our own faith and lives.

Spring Term - Year 6

Literacy - In November we started the topic the ‘Secrets Of Stonehenge’. We had to then create our own pages about an event in Exeter that happened in history. For pictures we either had to draw them or find and print them; and write captions about them. For pictures of our work, see below. Our next topic was ‘The Ladye of Shalott’. We had to write our own poem. We studied the poem in detail and then watched a video acted out by the BBC.  At the beginning of every topic we do a likes, dislikes, patterns and puzzles. For our Ladye of Shalott we had to add some answers to some of our questions that we found answers to. We have covered many areas within our literacy and have enjoyed them thoroughly..


Maths - Maths has been very enjoyable recently and we have been solving lots of word problems; we were learning about algebraic formulas. Our main phrase was ‘ Don’t be scared of algebra, it is only question marks replaced by letters.’ We were really grateful for the encouragement. We were then learning about graphs and how we could use them. Line graphs were drawn and we loved doing it. Everybody enjoyed drawing  factor bugs which was our next unit (factors and multiples). We identified prime numbers and square numbers and had a lot of fun when it seemed like there was no end to some numbers. Then every Friday we would recap our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We recently started our new topic on shapes. We have been doing shape definitions about parallel, perpendicular and symmetry. During these topics there have been groups going out with Mrs Middlebrooke for extra challenge of support.


Independent Learning/ Topic Work - Our second topic in independent learning (after space) was ‘Has There Ever Been A Better Time To Live Here?' Most people said that there wasn’t but we are still in discussion. We covered a range of time periods and discovered lots of information about them. Our main focus was History but when we received the quest sheet, it had many other tasks on it.

Our next topic was linked up to our Literacy work The ‘Ladye Of Shalott’ we had a lot of fun thinking about spirituality and thinking up our own music to put the poem to. Another main focus in this project was art and we had fun experimenting with different water colour technics.

This coming half term we are going to start the topic ‘Why Do Some Creatures No Longer Exist?’ As a year group we will be studying the extinct creature the Smilodon (The Sabre Tooth Tiger) and then we will go off to do independent work on another extinct creature. We hope we will enjoy this topic as much as we have the others!

To launch all of our topics we have been to Exeter RAMM; we go for a morning and explore relevant galleries to introduce up to the topic and help get our learning off to great start!


In RE we looked at the question: 'Is anything eternal?' Firstly we sorted ideas and objects into if we thought they were eternal or not. We then made a poster about the question, 'does love last forever?' Following this we wrote a reflective prayer that showed how Jesus has an impact on our lives. We continued investigating this question in our Independent Learning alongside our study of 'The Lady of Shallot.'


By Lottie, Katie and Bethan in Puma Class.

Summer Term - Year 6

Maths -

Just after Easter, the higher maths group worked separately to create a PowerPoint of a murder mystery for the other group to work out. It was based on ratio, proportion and the process of elimination. Lottie, Holly, Ben, Peter, Lauren, Samuel and Robin organized this lesson.


Then we moved on to equivalent fractions. We worked out the lowest equivalent fractions and some pretty high ones too. We began to work on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

After a while, we looked at a problem called the four integers where we had to find the highest product using the four numbers: 2, 3, 7 and 9. We could use the numbers in any order, a three digit number times a one digit number and so on.


Literacy -

We started the topic shadow cage. A mystery story about a boy, an ancient bottle and a climbing frame in the school grounds. After we read through the original story, and discussed the language used, we were ready to write our own. This brought out our creative sides for story writing.

Our next topic was based on the book ‘Survival at 40° and above’ which was a chronological report in the Simpson Desert. We then wrote our own about any place on earth.

Recently we have been working on modal verbs and the active and passive voice.


R.E - 

Firstly we looked at the stations of the cross and found out the true meaning of Easter. We wrote prayers and verses about what we thought. We also read poems and performed them to the rest of the class. We then began to look at Christian charities like the ‘Salvation army’ and ‘British Red Cross’. We looked at what they did and how they link to Christianity.




School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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