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Elephants & Gorillas (Year 3)

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Teachers: Mrs Baker, Mrs Eatherington, Miss Marshall & Mrs Durkin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Vincent, Mrs Hunt

Autumn Term 2

On Thursday 22nd November, Year 3 visited Kent’s Cavern as part of our Stone Age topic. We had a fantastic time visiting the caves, seeing first-hand the incredible rock formations and learning about the archaeologists that discovered the remains of the Stone Age time. We then experienced being archaeologists ourselves in a dig for gems and precious stones which the children will use in their literacy writing this week.


The children were able to see the artefacts and remains found in Kent’s Cavern which was an invaluable experience. The children were very engaged and enjoyed finding out even more about Stone Age people.

Autumn Term 1

Welcome to a fantastic year of learning in Year 3. We are excited for all of the learning ahead!


Our topic for this half term is ‘Inventors’ and we will be focusing on a Science based enquiry question: ‘How has electricity changed the world?’ We will be looking at different inventors, such as Alexander Graham Bell, and how their inventions have changed our world. For Science, the children will focus on the topic of electricity and will be taking on a practical approach to creating series circuits and finding out what conductors and insulators are.


For our afternoon independent learning, we will follow ‘independent organisers’ where it gives the children the opportunity to practice skills and explore ideas in a variety of subjects. These independent organisers are changed weekly and always include practical and research skills. An example is shown below.


Year 6 Activity Afternoon

On Tuesday 25th September, the Year 6 children led the Year 3’s in an activity afternoon using different P.E equipment. This was a real success with Year 6’s modelling to the children a variety of activities in teams. Thank you Mrs Durkin for organising this! Photographs are attached below.


Woodland adventures

As part of woodland adventures, the children have focused on the signs of Autumn and have been carrying out group activities to enhance their understanding of our local environment at this time of year.

School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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