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Eagles & Hawks (Year 5)

Teachers: Mrs Richardson, Mr Latham

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Vincent, Miss Lee

Welcome to the year 5 pages on the school website! We are Eagles (Mrs Richardson) and Hawks (Mr Latham).

Keeping you informed:

We send home a weekly review and home learning newsletter each Friday. This contains information about our learning that week, home learning and the children's individual review of their week. It also has a list of key dates relevant to parents of year 5 children.

You can view and download copies of the current and past newsletters by following the link below.

Home Learning:

You can find copies of any sheets used for English and Maths home learning by following the links below.

We are really encouraging the children to have a go at the "Maths Challenge of the Week" as part of home learning this year - you can download each challenge from the link below.

Celebrating our achievements:

Follow the link below to see what we have been achieving in year 5!



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is science based and called “Wonderful World” – you can view our learning overview here


We started this year with an awe inspiring talk from the Devon Bird of Prey Centre. Julie, from the centre, brought in an eagle owl and a kestrel to show us, and talk about each bird’s attributes and skills. Currently we are undertaking a quest about birds of prey and one of our challenges is to consider how these attributes translate into learner behaviours! 

We completed our first quest during the week commencing (Monday 21st September) all about Birds of Prey. One of our tasks was to consider how different attributes of hawks or eagles could translate into good learning behaviours! We enjoyed sharing our learning with the other children – all of us were able to ask and answer questions about our own and others’ learning.  It was a bit impromptu, but we invited in Mrs Lavis and our parents/grandparents at the end of the day as well – they all enjoyed seeing our work too! Check out the photos here.


Learning with Others:

Our core learning skill this half term is “Learning with Others”. Over the last few weeks we have completed various group challenges which have focussed on our ability to learn and work with others. We have taken on different roles in our group, such as:

  • Timekeeper – keeping an eye on the time
  • Tracker – making sure we keep to the task and are making progress
  • Peace keeper – making sure everyone is involved and has their say


Our challenges have included:

  1. creating a marble run (with only 2 pieces of A2 paper and 1m of masking tape) that takes the longest time to travel from one end of the table to the other.
  2. creating the tallest free standing tower using only newspaper and sellotape!


It hasn’t always been easy to work together and we have had to work hard to overcome obstacles but we have had lots of fun in the process! Check out the photos here.


Drama Workshops with Jo Tasker and Value Theatre:

This week we have started a series of workshops with Jo and a group of students from Exeter University. In the sessions we are exploring decision making through drama games and activities!


This week we played lots of fun, “getting-to-know-you” games, including freeze frame pictures. The session also linked really well with our current core learning skill “Learning with Others”.


Here are some photos from the first session!



Today (19th October) we started our sessions with Stu and Chris from Exeter City FC learning the basics of Handball.


In our first session we learnt about the three most commonly used passes – bounce, overhead and side – as well as some of the other rules, including:

  • You may only take 3 steps/strides whilst holding the ball

  • You must pass within 3 seconds


We had great fun playing some short games in teams of 5! It certainly is a fast paced game, and we are looking forward to our next session after half term. Check out the photos from session one!


Home Learning:

We have worked hard to complete our first Quest of the year - we have reviewed our learning and presented our home learning enquiry questions to the rest of our class. Now we are ready for our half term holiday!!

The second half of term:

Our main topic for the second half of term is history based and called “Invasion Britain!” – you can view our learning overview here


We have a performance and workshop from a four piece touring theatre company visiting on 12th November. The Handlebards travel the country on bicycle, bringing along everything they need; sets, costumes, props... They are performing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare and then running workshops with each class.

Elections for the Children's Learning Team were held this week. The candidates all gave a short speech explaining why they should be elected; votes were cast and counted and the following children have been elected to represent their classes:

  • Eagles - Ben Clode (Spencer Bolt as reserve)
  • Hawks - Megan Hitchman (Oliver Andrews as reserve)
To launch our new topic of "Invasion Britain", and despite the drizzle, we ventured outside to create a timeline stretching back 1600 years from 'today'. We identified the 600 year period of history we will be learning about, and marked out some significant dates in Britain's past!

Every 50 years was represented by 1 metre - we worked out our lives would be about 20cm and Mr Latham's nearly 90cm!! Our line stretched back over 31 metres to when the Romans left Britain...


More Handball:

The coaches from Exeter City have returned! In the sessions this half term we have focussed on:

  • dribbling and controlling the ball.
  • attacking and shooting
  • combining all the skills into playing a game.

For our last session we will be having a tournament! See the photos of all the sessions here


The Handlebards:

We had a fantastic day with The Handlebards. The performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was brilliant - funny, entertaining, clever... we were laughing aloud! We also enjoyed the workshops where we explored different ways of moving around the stage, and combined different movement styles and ways of moving as different characters from the play. All in all we gave the day 10/10. Check out the photos here!


Developing independence and responsibility:

This half term we have been focussing on "Developing independence and responsibility" as our core learning skill. We have worked together in groups to plan and create a model Anglo-Saxon village. As part of this process we had to:

  • research Anglo-Saxon villages and collect together ideas
  • create a "mood" board displaying our ideas and plans
  • draw out a plan of our model village
  • decide who was responsible for creating which part of the overall model
  • decide who was responsible for bringing in which resources we would need (on top of what school provided)


This week we began the construction process! We have been working hard in our groups to put our plans into practice.


Steelpans with Mrs Read:

For this half term's music we have been working with Mrs Read using Steelpans, which are mini kettle drums. Back in early November we didn't sound great... but we have just performed in front of the school in assembly to rapturous applause!!


The "Invasion Britain" Pop-Up Museum:

Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, teachers and children from other years all attended the grand opening of our pop-up museum. The work on display was our home learning enquiry question work, which included models, costumes, booklets, posters and food and drink! The rabbit stew proved more popular than expected! Well done everyone - a brilliant way to end a busy term of learning. You can see more pictures here



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is arts based and called “Moonlight and Mystery” – you can view our learning overview here


To launch our English quest for this half term, local journalist (and parent) Sue Kemp visited both classes to talk about being a journalist and the process of producing a newspaper. The children learned about the different roles at a newspaper; how journalists gather the news; how to structure a report; the importance of being fair, accurate and balanced when writing a report; and how the newspaper layout is decided. All of this knowledge will certainly be useful when we produce our own newspapers over the next few weeks!

Tag Rugby:

We started our sessions with Richey, from Exeter Chiefs, this week. In the first session we spent time learning to move with the ball and passing the ball. Next time we hope to use these skills to play some short matches. You can see the photos here.


20 Minute Maths:

We have continued to work hard at securing our multiplication tables facts! As part of "20 Minute Maths" each day we like to play different games to help us remember the facts we have been learning. Some of the games we like to play include "Bingo", "Multiplication Dice" and "Pirate Products". You can see us playing and enjoying "Pirate Products in the photos above. Even Mrs Vincent likes this game!


"The Listeners" by Walter de la Mare:

We have read, explored the language and imagery of, and learnt this poem as part of our Literacy topic this half term. In groups we have either learnt the whole poem (using a story map to help us in our performance) or a section of the poem to perform as a class group. We had to practise often, some groups recording their performances to help improve them, and then perform in front of the whole year group! Here are some photos of our performances.

Art Morning:

We enjoyed a morning led by local artist and illustrator (and parent) Nadezhda Auster. Nadezhda spoke to both classes about illustrating, encouraging the children with "less is more" and showed us some of her work, which is based around using geometric shapes to create art. The children really loved the simplicity of her designs and also just how effective they were.

Nadezhda inspired the children to create their own designs - firstly working together in small groups, and then individually to create an illustration inspired by our work on "Dragonology". You can see more pictures here.

Safer Internet Day:

Our local PCSOs visited year 5 to discuss Internet Safety and Road Safety in two presentations. We learnt about how to stay safe, both online and out and about in the real world.

The NSPCC website has lots of further information about staying safe on line - visit the site here

Cross Pulse Duo - body music performance and workshops:

We had a fantastic morning working with Cross Pulse, an American body music duo. They performed to the whole school, and then led two workshops with year 5. We had the opportunity to learn some different clapping rhythms, including some traditional African-American slave rhythms, and how we can use different parts of our body to create sounds.

You can see more photos here.

We've packed in a lot this half term... Our newspapers are complete and are "with the printers"! The children have worked extremely well in their groups, managing their time and working together to a tight deadline. The editors for each group have learnt lots about leading others and we've all had to be responsible for our learning. Each group has taken time to improve their own performance and have produced some excellent reports as a result.


We're all ready for our half term break and are looking forward to what next half term brings...

The second half of term:

Our main topic for the second half of term is technology based and called “Fairground!” – you can view our learning overview here.

World Book Day:

We had great fun dressing up as a fictional character for World Book Day. We had a fantastic range of characters from a wide range of books, including Harry Potter; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Gangsta Granny; Percy Jackson and more... We even had Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars!! Check out the photos here.

The Devon and Exeter Institute Reading Rooms:

We had a fantastic visit to the DEI reading rooms, where the children had the opportunity to handle and explore books, some of which were over 200 years old! The children loved the rooms - going into the library was like being in Hogwarts Library - and were really engaged in looking through the different books provided. Over at the cathedral we enjoyed a workshop learning about how explorers in the past would describe the fascinating creatures they had seen for the first time to artists. We had the chance to draw creatures described by an "explorer", with some hilarious results.


It was a real privilege to visit the reading rooms, as we are the first school to ever visit in the institute's 203 year history. We hope to make good use of this resource for some of our topics later in the year. The children are certainly keen to visit again, with quite a few children wishing we could have stayed longer on the visit! You can view the photos here


More photos of the day can be found on the DEI website (in the next few weeks, once the site is updated) and you can visit their site here


Fairground Quest:

We are busy working hard on our "Fairground" quest - we have begun designing our fairground rides and are creating advertising posters to sell the new ride! The next stage is to construct a working model of our design - we had a series of workshops using Lego to help us understand how cogs, pulleys, chains and levers can be used to create movement; this has helped us in our design and we will be using the Lego within our models.


We have used our knowledge of electrical circuits to design and make a "shaky hand tester", and, hopefully, we can apply this knowledge of circuits to power our models.

As we head towards the end of term, we are all busy drafting our story. We used an excerpt from the film "Big" and a mysterious case which turned up in each classroom, to inspire us in our story writing. Somehow a wish will change our story's character in an unexpected way...


We finished the term with a Forest School session as our Silver Privilege Reward; everyone enjoyed toasting marshmallows or apples on the fire and mud painting!



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is Science based and called “Mysterious Materials” – you can view our learning overview here


Fairground Ride Making Day:

We had great fun bringing our topic on Fairground to a close with our making day. Mums, Dads, Grandparents came along to help us construct working models of different traditional fairground rides. We used Lego to construct the mechanism and various different materials to create the ride built around the mechanism. Having finished our models we evaluated them using a range of criteria we agreed in class. You can see more photos here.

Core Learning Skills - Thinking Skills

This half term we have been making use of the "Thinking Pathway" to help us break down problem solving into smaller steps. We are currently undertaking two projects where these skills are proving to be really useful! In Art we are working in groups to create shadow puppets to tell our part of the Shackleton story, linked to our English learning. You can see more photos here.

We are also working in groups to plan and create a model signpost, similar to ones found at famous landmarks, for the school playground. We have had to share all our ideas and agree a theme for the signpost - these include: favourite places; theme parks in Devon; world landmarks, popular tourist destinations, and Harry Potter film locations! Here are some of the finished signposts, created by Eagles class.

Heatree Residential:

We had a fantastic 3 days at Heatree; trying new experiences and challenges, working as a team and encouraging our friends. Everyone returned to school exhausted!


You can read more about our time at Heatree in our 'blog' here. There are more photos in the gallery here.

Another busy half term is over in year 5... We have worked hard in our learning to:

  • work as a group to create a model of a landmark signpost for the school playground
  • work as a group to create shadow theatre plays telling the story of "Shackleton's Journey"
  • improve our writing and use of different descriptive devices
  • use column addition with increasingly complex numbers
  • plan and carry out a fair test in Science
  • write accurate and relevant scientific reports following our fair tests.
  • work as a team on different activities
  • push ourselves to achieve more than we thought we could


All in all, a fantastic half term. We have lots still to fit in during the last half term of year 5!


The second half of term:

Our main topic for the second half of term is Geography based and called “A Sense of Place” – you can view our learning overview here.


For our final value of the year we are focussing on nurture - Hawks class have considered what nurture means, what it looks like and where it might be seen. We are currently designing poster illustrating our understanding of nurture and how it relates to our lives at St Michael's...

Drama or Science?

This term half of the year group are working with Miss Selvidge (from St Peter's) on a performance of "Jack and the Beanstalk". This is through 5 one hour drama workshops (and a bit of other rehearsal time). The children enjoyed their first session and really impressed the rest of the year group with what they managed to achieve in such a short space of time. The children are also busy preparing props and some costumes!


The other half of the year group enjoyed a Science Enrichment Day at Exeter School.

During the day the children enjoyed three different workshops, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each workshop was interactive and saw the children create and experience some inspiring Science - the children were busy burning chemicals, making polymers, exploding acids, measuring heart rates of water fleas (under a microscope), exploring sound and the beauty of light and the effect of sellotape on light! The afternoon demonstrations, led by the teaching staff, were fantastic! We explored different aspects of physics, including making a lightsaber (most exciting indeed!); optical illusions and their effects on the brain; and for Chemistry we basically blew up gases as loudly as possible! All the children had a great day- you can see more photos here.
Primary Olympics @ St Luke's - "The Road to Rio":

Along with year 6, we enjoyed a fun packed day of sports at St Luke's. Everyone had the opportunity to take part in four different workshops:

  • Football Fiesta
  • Zumba
  • Relay Races
  • The Road to Rio (circuits)

Each event was organised an run by Sport Leaders from St Luke's; including some of our ex-pupils now in year 7! It was a busy day - there were over 900 children from different primary schools attending the event - and we returned to school exhausted! We are really pleased to say that four of our children won medals for showing great team spirit of effort - well done!

Jack and the Beanstalk:

We have reached the end of our weekly sessions with Miss Selvidge from St Peter's Drama department and presented our performance of "Jack and the Beanstalk" to parents and relatives and an invited audience of year 4! All our hard work paid off and the performance went really well. Special mention to Lizzie for stepping up as Jack's mum at the last minute! We worked out that, in total, we spent about 7 hours working on this performance and are really proud of what we achieved. You can see more pictures here.

Rocket Launch Day:

13 design enthusiasts sent their rockets hurtling towards the stratosphere, with varying degrees of success! Jacob and Sam's rockets are yet to be discovered (currently lost on the school roof) but all the others returned to Earth with a bang...


Well done to the 13 - Yasmine, Courtney, Sam, Jacob, Nathan, Lily, Dylan, Aimee and Finlay (Hawks) Bailey, Finley, Eleanor and Jacob (Eagles).

Sports' Day:

After rain stopped play at our first attempt at Sports' Day, we enjoyed the different events at this year's Sports' Day on a gloriously sunny Monday morning! After completing 7 different events in teams, the boys and girls lined up for the individual distance race... 2 laps of the track later Eleanor crossed the line first in the girls' race, with Bailey winning the boys'. Congratulations also to Ruby and Aimee in the girls' race, and Archie and Jacob H in the boys' race. (2nd and 3rd place respectively). There are photos in the gallery here.


Samba with Mrs Read:

Our final event of the year was our Samba performances. To complete our learning in Music this half term each class performed their Samba routine (complete with eye catching masks) to a specially invited audience of mums, dads and relatives. Many thanks to Mrs Read for all her hard work, and patience, helping us to learn the different rhythms and putting them together into a performance! Check out the rest of the photos here.

Our time in year 5 is complete…

Our pages on the website start with our class photos; here we are at the end of the year.

It’s been a blast! Year 6, are you ready for us?!!

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For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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