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Eagles & Hawks (Year 5)

Teachers: Mrs Richardson, Mr Latham

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Fox, Miss Finch, Mrs Middlebrooke, Mrs Slack, Mrs Vincent, Miss Clapp


Welcome to the year 5 pages on the school website! We are Eagles (Mrs Richardson) and Hawks (Mr Latham).

Keeping you informed:

We send home a weekly review and home learning newsletter each Friday. This contains information about our learning that week, home learning and the children's individual review of their week. It also has a list of key dates relevant to parents of year 5 children.

You can view and download copies of the current and past newsletters by following the link below.

Home Learning:

You can find copies of any sheets used for English and Maths home learning by following the links below.



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is science based and called “Wonderful World”. You can view the overview of learning here.


Learning Together:
We have been enjoying our work on Wednesday afternoons with Mrs Middlebrooke - we have been focussing on learning with others and have worked in team to create a marble run using just one sheet of sugar paper and 1 metre of tape. The results varied from group to group! We learnt about how to work well in a group, thinking about making sure everyone has a role, making sure all members of the group have their chance to share ideas, compromising and listening to others.

We also worked together to build a tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows! There were varying degrees of success in our quest to build the tallest structure! We had time to reflect on how we can work in a group, and how the different roles can help us to achieve our goal  (the roles include: messenger, noise assessor, tracker and time keeper).

The Handlebards:

We had a brilliant day when "The Handlebards" visited us. With year 6, we watched a fantastic production of "Romeo and Juliet"; we laughed, we were shocked, we were surprised, we were sad... but we LOVED it all! There was even a surprise cameo role for the body of Romeo at the end of the play!


In the afternoon we had great fun exporing different ways of moving and speaking and how simply changing one of these can help you become a new character. You can see more photos of The Handlebards here

Wonderful World Quest:

We have been working hard on our first individual quest of the year - as a botanist we have discovered a new species of plant in the woodland area, and we are busy compiling a report all about this plant. There are lots of different challenges to choose in our quest, and we are making loads of choices about our learning, helping us to become increasingly independent learners. Here is a copy of the quest sheet!

Harvest Scarecrows:

Here are the year 5 entries for the Harvest Scarecrow Challenge. Some great design ideas here Milan, Sennen, Alice, Maddison, Lottie, Leah, Megan, Sophie, Tegan and Matthew! You can see photos of the other scarecrows here.

The Great Egg Challenge:

The final challenge in our Learning Together work this half term was the Great Egg Challenge. Using only limited resources (bin bag, string, tissue paper, masking tape and some material) we had to create a device to keep an egg whole when dropped from the balcony at the back of school! We had varying degrees of success...

The second half of term:

Our main topic for the second half of term is history based and called “Invasion Britain”. You can view the overview of learning here.

We launched our topic this half term by creating a GIANT timeline on the playground! 1m represented 50 years and our timeline stretched back over 30m to 400AD... We identified different historical dates we knew on the timeline and worked out that our lives were represented by the last 20cm of the line!!
Here is a copy of this term's quest challenges.

Devon Fire and Rescue Service talks:

Dan and John from Devon Fire and Rescue Service came to talk to us all about fire safety. We learnt about:

What the fire service does

Smoke alarms and how to check them (including how often)

Creating a fire evacuation plan - "Get Out! Stay Out! Phone 999!"

What to do if you need to phone 999 and the sort of information you might need

Hoax calls

"Stop, drop and roll!" - what to do if clothing catches fire.

We had a great time listening to some of Dan and john's stories and two of us in each class even got to get dressed up as fire fighters!

Our value of INTEGRITY:

We have been reminding ourselves about the meaning of integrity this half term, and looking for evidence of different children showing integrity in their actions. Hawks class created some different scenarios, where there is a moral dilemma, and considered what options the person had and which show integrity - e.g. what you could do if you found a £2 coin in the cloakroom...

Here are the photos from Hawks class - can you work out the dilemma in each one?

Alongside this we have been thinking about the different types of bullying we could experience - remembering the two different meanings of STOP (Several Times On Purpose and Start Telling Other People) - and thinking about the effect of bullying on the "victims".


We spent some time thinking about cyber bullying as, today, lots of us have mobile phones and access to social networking sites, including online games.

RAMM Visit:

We all enjoyed a brilliant visit to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) as part of the launch of out "Invasion Britain" topic. We had the chance to explore the local history gallery - in particular thinking about how we find out about the past. We particularly enjoyed looking at the scale model of the city of Exeter from the 1830s and had the chance to explore the gallery and how exhibits are presented. This will really help us when we create our pop-up museum at the end of term!


We also had a walk around some of the significant landmarks in the city centre - Gandy Street, the Guildhall, Cathedral Green and the city walls- whilst stopping to see history in the making at the remains of the Royal Clarence Hotel; a sombre end to our visit. You can see more photos here.

Drama Sessions with Value Theatre:

Over the course of the term both classes have been working with Jo Tasker and Sophie from Value Theatre using drama to explore different aspects of our values. We were able to think about how our behaviour can impact on others, both in a positive and negative way, and learnt to think from someone else's point of view.

Move and Learn Project:

During October and November we had six sessions with Ben and George from Exeter City Football Club developing and learning skills of football, handball and dodgeball. Alongside the practical sessions, which we really enjoyed, we also learnt all about our bodies and keeping healthy through exercise and diet. You can see more pictures here.

Invasion Britain pop-up museum:

We had a great time setting up our pop-up museum to showcase our home learning projects this week. All of us presented a combination of our home learning projects, our quest challenges and our group projects completed as part of learning skills work with Mrs Middlebrooke. Parents, grandparents and other relatives, along with children from other year groups in the school came along to view our work! There was lots of conversation, viewing of work and praise for the quality of the museum. Here a few photos, and you can see more here

It's up to me...

This half term's core learning skill has been all about being responsible and independent in our learning. Over the half term we were given the task of researching and presenting our learning about every day life in an Anglo-Saxon village. This meant we had to make loads of decisions - including what to research, what to present, how to present our learning, who would do what - as well as being responsible for individually completing the tasks set by the group, collecting any resources we might need, working together and meeting a deadline!


The completed work formed part of our Invasion Britain pop-up museum. You can see photos of our finished work here.

Prayer and Reflection Spaces:

Hannah, from City Community Church, and Father Robin led each class in a prayer and reflection space session. The session consisted of 5 different "stations" each designed to help us think about the Christmas story and its message in more detail. The stations were:

  • decorating a star for a tree including a word or phrase to describe something we could offer to help improve the world
  • considering how we might feel if, like Mary, we were visited by an angel
  • reflecting on how Mary and Joseph might have felt when they were rejected by the innkeepers and writing a prayer to help others feeling rejected.
  • responding to music which celebrated Jesus' birth
  • thinking about and identifying 5 ways which  make us unique

 This session really linked into the assembly that morning where the house captains helped us to think about the central message of Christmas, the message that exists regardless of all the events we associate with it due to songs and traditions - the message of God's love and the birth of a special baby.

Christmas Dinner:

Yes, it's that time of year already... Here we are enjoying our Christmas Dinner. Next year, we are responsible for serving dinner to the rest of the school!

Scratch Maths:

Throughout this term we have been working with Scratch, a coding program, as part of a national project the school in involved with. We are using resources to help develop both our coding skills, a major part of the Computing curriculum, and our mathematical reasoning. This term our learning has focussed on angles, repeats and creating circular patterns. Most of us started as complete novices, but over the term have learnt the basics of coding to produce some intricate "rose" patterns using a particular algorithm, like these:

and then using these individual roses to create "roses of roses" like these:

Next term we move onto work with a focus on geometry and drawing shapes!


WOW! - What a busy second half of term... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all - see you in 2017!



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is arts based and called “Moonlight and Mystery”. You can view the overview of learning here.


Heatree Residential - May 2017:

Our residential visit to Heatree House is booked for 10th - 12th May. You can view the letter about the deposit here.

All about the orchestra:

For our music this term, we are learning all about the different sections and instruments of the orchestra. We have been lucky to have the following instruments demonstrated to us:

  • The Oboe - by Mrs Jackson (from Stoke Hill Junior School). We  made oboes from straws too!

  • The French Horn - by Joshua in Eagles class.
  • The trombone, trumpet, sousaphone, euphonium and tuba - by Roger Helyar
  • The Cello - by Mrs Galton (music teacher)
You can see more pictures of our music learning here.

Let's Get Cooking!:

12 budding Master Chefs have joined Miss Cooper, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Acland and Mrs Slack for a new Tuesday after-school cookery club. "Let's Get Cooking!" aims to teach children to cook delicious and nutritious meals on a budget. Week one saw the children learning all about hygiene in the kitchen and cutting techniques whilst preparing delicious chilli wraps. There are four sessions altogether, so look out for more photos in the gallery here week by week!

A massive thank you to all the staff helping out, and to Tesco for funding the project!

Poetry Recitals:

Inspired by our work on "The Listeners", this half term we have all learnt a poem, of our own choosing, to recite to the rest of our class. We have focussed on intonation, pace, and volume in order to convey meaning to the listener. We have heard a wide variety of poems, from Shakespeare to Spike Milligan, from elegies to limericks, from narrative poems to war poems. What an amazing array of poems for us all to hear and enjoy.

The second half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is technology based and called “Fairground”. You can view the overview of learning here.

Fairground rides...

As part of our learning about mechanisms for our fairground topic, we have been busy using K'nex construction kits to build different models, including a motorised swing ride!

Click the link below to view some of the films we made explaining how the Swing Ride works!


We started Bookweek with a visit from local author Celia Busby, who spoke about her childhood experiences and how they have shaped her writing as an adult. She talked about her love of magic and CS Lewis's Narnia novels and how these have been an influence on her.


Later on we had a writer's workshop exploring: different ways to describe a setting, including using our senses; using similes to describe unfamiliar objects and items; the importance of not going with your first thought, as these can often be less creative; and writing from our own experiences. We had a chance to write some initial ideas about a selection of different settings too.

Click here to visit the gallery to see more photos!

With year 6, we listened to the amazing story teller, Clive Pigg. Clive told us two stories, one from Poland and one from India, as well as other amusing anecdotes, including how a packet of peanuts saved someone's life!

Book Week Character Day:

An amazing array of book characters arrived in school for our Character Day as part of Book Week! We had characters from classic fiction, modern classics, fantasy worlds, magical worlds, Roald Dahl, and many more!


Here is a selection of photos, but you can see all our individual and group photos here.

Bookweek Maths!

Not only have we been reading books, listening to authors talk about their books, hearing fantastic stories and dressing up as book characters, we have also focussed our  maths learning on a story!

"Spaghetti and Meatballs for All" tells the story of Mrs Comfort's frustration over the constant changes to her seating plan for a family meal. Every new arrival changes the table arrangement, meaning that there just isn't enough room for the 32 guests. Eventually everything is sorted and everyone is sitting at Mrs Comfort's original table plan!


We used this story to explore the different arrangements of the tables and how many people could sit down each time. We began to notice a few things...

  • Every time tables are pushed together the number of seats lost is a multiple of 2.
  • There would always be an even number of seats (with one person on each side of each small table)
  • with 8 tables you can sit all the even numbers between 12 and 32!


Working systematically was really important in making sure we had checked all the different table arrangements. Here are some of the posters we made to show our thinking and the solutions we found to this problem.

Fairground Quest:

Here is the quest sheet for our Fairground topic!

Art and Design and Technology Exhibition:

Along with the rest of the school, we displayed our recent art and design and technology learning. The year 5 stand at the exhibition included:

  • K'nex models (Technology learning)
  • Scratch Rose patterns (Maths, Computing and Art learning)
  • Designs for Gallopers (Art learning)
  • Annunciation art work (RE and Art learning)
  • Still life drawings (Art learning)
  • Moonlight and Mystery artwork (Literacy and Art learning)


Here are a selection of photos of the year 5 stand, and you can see more of the exhibition here.

Buzz Wire Games:

As part of our Fairground topic we explored the electrical circuits needed to make a steady hand tester game or Buzz Wire. Using this knowledge, we then designed and created our own working models - this included decorating the box which hid all the electrical components. We have also written an explanation of how the game works, linked to our Literacy learning on explanation texts.



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is Science based and called “Mysterious Materials”. You can view the overview of learning here.

We started the summer term looking back at Easter and reflecting on the Easter story. This year we thought about the changing moods in the Easter story, how the joy of Palm Sunday turned to anger in the temple to the sadness of betrayal and denial by Jesus' closest friends through to the jubilation of the Resurrection.


In our work we learnt about different people who have been inspired by Jesus' example in the temple during Holy Week to channel their righteous anger into changing lives for others, into challenging inequality in the world.


Fairground "Making Day":

To bring our Fairground topic to a close, we worked in small groups to bring to life our fairground ride designs! As you can see from these pictures, a variety of different rides were created in a day (with some adult help - thanks to the mums, dads and grandparents who came in to help!!).


You can see more pictures in the gallery here.

Heatree Residential:

Not even the rain could dampen our enthusiasm at Heatree this year (and there was PLENTY of rain...). We enjoyed a different range of activities this year, including: orienteering and raft building (Mission Impossible); archery; climbing to heart stopping heights in the tree canopy (High Ropes); and exploring Bronze Age life (Roundhouse). Coupled with fantastic food and time away with friends, Heatree was a resounding success.


Every child could say they had done more than they thought possible of themselves before we arrived at Heatree - mission accomplished!


You can see a range of photos of the different activities here. (Please bear with us as there are over 800 photos to review!)

With weather like this... the best thing to do is snuggle up and watch a film in the evening!

Code breaking @ Exeter School:

10 mathematically minded children, along with Mrs Middlebrooke and Mrs Vincent, attended a code breaking morning hosted by Exeter School. The children had the opportunity to use their mathematical skills to decipher various different coded messages, each using a different code. The codes included semaphore, pig pen cypher, Morse Code, anagrams, and Caesar cypher wheel.


Mrs Middlebrooke is currently running similar sessions in school for those who were unable to attend the morning itself.

Choir at the County Show:

Some of year 5, along with children across KS2, had the fantastic opportunity to sing at the County Show! Having performed, the children were free to enjoy the delights of the show, including: making bread, enjoying the activities in the children's tent, badge making, apple pressing, bell ringing, smootie making (using pedal power), learning to milk a cow, and viewing the show animals.

A massive thanks to Mrs Read for all her hard work with the choir, and to all the parent helpers who made the trip possible!

The second half of term:

Our main topic for the second half of term is Geography based and called “A Sense of Place”. You can view the overview of learning here.

Enrichment Day - Science or Art and Drama?:

Half of the year group enjoyed an Art and Drama enrichment day focussing on the story of Shackleton's epic journey, in the "James Caird" lifeboat, to seek rescue from South Georgia for the stranded crew of "Endurance" stuck on Elephant Island - a journey of over 800 miles, in the Southern Ocean, fighting gale force winds for 10 consecutive days...


The children created large scale artwork as backdrops for drama performances telling this story!


The remainder of the year group attended a Science enrichment day at Exeter School - this included workshops in Biology (viewing our own cheek cells and using or sense of smell and touch), Chemistry (using Bunsen Burners, making gloop and exploding rockets) and Physics (exploring light, sound and static electricity). This was followed off with a selection of demonstrations from each subject, which included optical illusions, exploding balloons and rockets and clever tricks using physics to create light sabers!

You can see more photos of the Science day here.

"A Sense of Place" Quest:

Here are the challenges for our last quest of the year.

Exeter City Walk:

As part od our "A Sense of Place" topic we will be writing leaflets for tourists all about Exeter and the amazing places to visit and explore. To help us with this, we planned a walk around the city centre and quay to explore what was on offer at various locations, who might want to visit each location and why. It was a long walk... nearly 5 miles, but well worth the effort.

We visited:

  • Heavitree "village"
  • St Luke's College (University)
  • Southernhay
  • Barnfield Theatre
  • Princesshay and the city walls
  • The Cathedral and Cathedral Green
  • Stepcote Hill and The House that Moved
  • The Quay and Canal Basin
  • Riverside Valley Park

Here is a map of our walk - we had plenty of practice orienting the map along the walk and reading the map to help us track our location!

And here are some photos of the buildings and locations we visited. How many can you spot? We even viewed the Lego Cathedral model (and added a few bricks too!).

Sports' Day:

Despite the damp start to the day (and the freshly cut grass on the field) we managed to complete Sports' Day! Both classes split into house teams and competed against each other in a series of events, including:

  • Sprints
  • Target throws
  • Egg and Spoon, Sack and tennis racquet relay
  • Distance throws
  • Jumping
  • baton, football and bean bag relays.

We finished the morning with the distance races, with Sol (Eagles) and Lottie (Eagles) winning the boys and girls races respectively.

Rocket Launch:

The annual St Michael's Rocket Launch was held on Friday 14th July - with 15 year 5 children (or future scientists/astronauts) taking part. Here they are, before any rockets were launched!! Well done to Sennen's flying monkey!

School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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