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Ducks & Geese (Year 1)

Teachers: Mrs Leach, Mrs Rixon, Mrs Miller

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brand, Miss McCarthy, Mrs Perryman


Welcome to the Year 1 pages! We are Ducks (Mrs Leach) and Geese (Mrs Rixon and Mrs Miller).


Autumn 1

We began the year with our topic ‘What does a farmer do?’ We worked really hard on our ‘Got to do Jobs’ during independent learning time. We met some chickens, ducks and geese and harvested some fruit crops from the school grounds! We all had a lovely time when we visited the allotments in the rain! We worked on our painting and drawing with pastels and we did some stamping using the fruits and vegetables that we collected.


We explored natural and man made fibres and fabrics and sorted animals according to what is the same and what is different about them. In PE, we created a dance linked with the story ‘Doing the animal bop’. We also enjoyed our rugby sessions! In music, we have been singing farm songs concentrating on the dynamics (loud/quiet).

We read the story of ‘The Pig in the pond’ and then we wrote our own versions. Some of us had a cow in the pond, others a chicken, cat, rabbit or similar. Sunny’s mum came in to help us make waistcoats, so that we could dress up as Farmer Neligan and tell our stories. We then learnt about non-fiction texts and we each wrote a page for a class non-fiction book about Harvest on the Farm.


As we moved into Harvest time, we looked at Harvest on the Farm. We produced a large banner showing Harvest on the farm by working together to produce the background. We then painted tractors and vegetables to be the foreground, concentrating on detail.

We finished our first half term with a visit to West Town Farm in Ide and our Harvest Festival, where we performed a song we have been learning about vegetables to the rest of the school.


Autumn 2

This half term, our topic is ‘How do toys change over time?’ We worked really hard on our ‘Got to do Jobs’ last half term and are now ready for our ‘Individual Learning Trackers’.


Core Learning Skills

Our first core learning skill was ‘Learning with Others, Every Tuesday afternoon we have visited the woodland area with Mrs Graydon to complete various group challenges. We learnt how to work together to build a fire. We were then able to sit around it and enjoy toasted marshmallows!

This half term, we are working on the core learning skill of developing independence and responsibilities.


Our values

During the first half term, we learnt about the core value of respect. We thought about ways in which we can show respect at school and at home, in the things that we say and do. To link with this, in RE we have been learning about the Creation story and have discussed the question: ‘Does God want Christians to look after the World?’ Father Robin visited us to help us answer this question.

This half term, we are learning about the core value of Integrity.

Spring 1

We began this term with our topic ‘What do stars mean to us?’ We looked at the clear night skies and found constellations with our families and we used the story of the Epiphany to consolidate our understanding of the importance of the star in the Nativity. Our literacy focus for this topic was ‘Starry poems’ and initially we read a range of poems and learnt about rhyme. Then we tried to write our own rhyming couplets following the style of a poem called ‘The Christmas Star’.


‘The Twinkly Star’ – Fraser

The star twinkled in the dark, gloomy sky,

Saw some noisy children and ate a pie.

My tummy hurts a lot, he said,

I think it’s time for my comfy bed.


This was fantastic topic for exploring different art media and we have looked closely at the work of Van Gogh, imitating his famous work, ‘Starry Night’. We recreated his tiny strokes on canvas using crayon, pastels, finger paint, felt pen and finally with paint.

Core Learning Skills

Our core learning skill was ‘Improving our own learning and performance’. Every Tuesday afternoon we have visited the woodland area with Mrs Graydon to complete various group challenges. We made our own start sculptures and then had to decide how we could improve them.


Our Values

This term we have been focusing on the value - ‘Excellence’. We listened to the Bible story of Nehemiah. Nehemiah demonstrated excellence by being able to overcome great difficulties in extreme circumstances. The clergy team from St. Michael’s have been in each Monday, telling the story of David and of Paul and how each of these biblical figures showed excellence through their faith.

Summer 1

We have been very busy in year one! Last half term we were answering the question 'Why is water precious?'. We learnt lots about what plants need to grow, and also about the water  cycle, and the life cycle of a frog. 

Summer 2
This half term we are looking at 'Where could we go for a great day out?' We have already booked our trip to Dawlish as we think that would be a fabulous day out! We are exploring rivers in more detail, and boats as these link to our story 'Mr Gumpy's outing.  

During the Summer term Year One are finding out about other world faiths in RE.  We have explored the Jewish festival of Shabbat and in the second half of the term will be learning about Chanukah, another Jewish festival that is particularly important for children.

We had great fun learning how to write Shabbat in Hebrew and made our own challah loaves as we tried to answer the question ‘Is Shabbat important to Jewish children’.

School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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