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Dolphins & Starfish (Year 4)

Teachers: Miss Cooper, Mr Latham & Mrs Durkin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brand, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Snow

Welcome to the year 4 pages on the school website! We are Starfish (Miss Cooper) and Dolphins (Mr Latham).



Click the link below to find all the information and forms for this residential visit booked for June 2018. We will upload forms and information as they are shared with you.

Keeping you informed:

We send home a weekly review and home learning newsletter each Friday. This contains information about our learning that week and any home learning. It also has a list of key dates relevant to parents of year 4 children.

You can view and download copies of the current and past newsletters by following the link below.

Home Learning:

You can find copies of any sheets used for English and Maths home learning by following the links below.



The first half of term:

Our main topic for the first half of term is science based and called “Eyes and Ears”. You can view the overview of learning here.

Visitors Galore:

We've been busy in year 4 with a number of visitors who have spoken to us about different aspects of our learning.


Our first visitor - Mrs Mayne - came to talk to us about her job as an optometrist. Mrs Mayne talked all about what she does, the sorts of things an optometrist might look at/for during an eye examination and what they might use. She also showed us some fascinating optical illusions.

Our second visitor - Mr Wilder - performed his magic show. Mr Wilder showed us a variety of jaw-dropping tricks to great applause and wonder - there were definitely lots of "oohs" and "wows"! Without revealing the secrets of any tricks, we finished the afternoon with a question and answer session.
Our third visitor - Dr Claire Clode - talked to us all about the ear - the different parts of the ear, how we hear, how to look after our ears and what might cause our ears to hurt. Dr Clode helped us to understand the ear by using various ordinary objects to represent the different parts of the ear! 
Our last visitor - Mrs Binnie - spoke to us about different visual impairments and how these effect people living their everyday lives. We had the chance to try Braille books, and wear different glasses to experience different impairments. We also learnt about a friend of hers whose daughter is registered blind and how she completes her learning at school.


We  have begun our first quest of the year, all about "The Eye and the Ear". Here is a copy of the quest challenge sheet.

Harvest Scarecrows:

Lots of amazing scarecrows appeared in the playground as part of our harvest celebrations. Here are the scarecrows made by year 4 children!

Let's Get Cooking:

Miss Cooper has been busy cooking again! Ably assisted by Mrs Edwards, Mrs Acland and Mrs Slack, she has been helping 12 year 4 children master some of the basics of cooking!

Gum Boot Dance Performances:

After weeks of creating, learning, practising, refining and rehearsing our Gum Boot dances, we performed to a packed hall of visitors and relatives! Both classes performed their whole class and small group dances.

As amazing as we were, we couldn't have completed the dances without the expert tuition from Mrs Read! Here are a selection of photos, and you can see more here.

The second half of term:

Our main topic for the second half of term is technology based and called “Choc-a-doodle-doo!”. You can view the overview of learning here.

Bikeability training:

This year, for the first time, we were able to offer Bikeability training to children in year 4. Over three weeks, 56 children (from a total of 60) took part in Level 1 training. Level 1 focuses on safe and proficient riding of a bicycle, with the children staying on the school grounds. All children who have completed level 1 have been awarded their badge and certificate and can complete level 2 (out on the roads) either in year 5 or year 6.

Well done to all the children who completed the training!

Dental Hygienist Visit:

Jen, from Pinhoe Road Dental Practice, came to speak to us about looking after our teeth and gums. We learnt all about:

  • food and drink which are "healthy" and "unhealthy" for our teeth
  • how to brush our teeth properly, and for how long
  • what causes tooth decay
  • the importance of visiting the dentist

We also had the opportunity to use a disclosing tablet - check out our purple mouths!!

Multi-skills workshop at St Luke's (Exeter University):

We had a fantastic afternoon completing a multi-skills workshop at St Luke's. Mr Upston invited us along to work with the students on the PGCE course. We really enjoyed all the different activities we rotated around during the 1 hour workshop.

You can see more pictures here.

Steel Pan Performance:

After significant hard work, year 4 were ready to perform their Steel Pan renditions to a specially invited audience of parents, relatives, friends and year 3 children. Each class performed a different song to rapturous applause!

You can see more pictures here (this includes all the different year groups who learnt the steel pans this term).



The first half of term:

Our main topic this half term continues our "Choco-doodle-doo" topic from last term. You can view the overview here.


The Great Chocolate Show:

To bring our topic to a close this term, year 4 exhibited their newly designed chocolate bar samples at the Great Chocolate Show. Each group of children had:

  • completed an extensive chocolate tasting session
  • carried out market research via online surveys
  • analysed the results of the survey
  • used the information gathered to create 3 different designs
  • made sample bars for their chosen design
  • displayed other research and learning about the process of chocolate bar making
  • designed advertising posters for their final bar


These are just 4 of the 20 different groups! You can see more photos here. Following the show we sorted, represented and analysed the data from the feedback forms available at the show itself. We used Excel to graph our data and then wrote a short report about the experience.

Heart of Heavitree Project:

We were extremely lucky to be asked to work with local artist Kerrie Seymour on a project for the traders of Fore Street, Heavitree. The project involved designing 30 unique flags to be displayed on the shop fronts of different buildings along Fore Street, Heavitree. 

Kerrie, with Charlotte from Sustrans (a sustainable transport charity) came to work with both classes this half term. We started on a very, very wet morning hoping to visit Heavitree park to think about the natural environment of Heavitree, as well as visiting Fore Street itself. The rather inclement weather forced a slight change of plan and the school woodland area replaced the park...

Having gathered examples of different patterns in nature and thought about the sights, sounds and smells (!) of Fore Street, our second session was all about exploring pattern and texture. We also thought about different words to express our thoughts and feelings about living in Heavitree.

Finally, after clarification of the design brief, we designed out own flags. In pairs, we designed a unique flag bringing together all our ideas. These flags will now be digitalised and sent off to the manufacturers who will turn our designs into flags! There will be a grand revealing of the flags, with many of the traders of Fore Street keen to display one of our flags. The flags will be on display from March to at least Christmas this year!!

You can see more pictures of the project here.

The second half of term:

Our main topic this half term is History based about the Romans in Britain. We will be considering the question: "What evidence remains in Great Britain from the Roman times?" You can view the overview here.


To launch our topic, we created a large scale time line along the back of the school. We measured from today (2018) back in jumps of 50 years, with each 50 years being 1metre long. The line was a lot longer than we thought it was going to be. When estimating where dates along the line might be, it turns out we placed the Roman arrival in Britain (43AD) in about 1600 (around the time of Elizabeth I). In fact we had to go back nearly 40 metres to when the Romans arrived, and the line stretched for 8 metres for the time the Romans were in Britain!

Heart of Heavitree Flag Project update...

Below is a copy of the draft of a leaflet being distributed around the different traders in Heavitree Fore Street, explaining the project. It includes, on pages 2 and 3, the final designs of the flags completed by our children. 

We hope to see the flags themselves this Thursday (15/3/18)...

And here they are! We had an exciting time revealing the flags on at a time, with Kerry Seymour (the artist) and Jo-Jo Spinks from Heavitree Squilometre (who funded the project).

Here are the flags we showed the rest of the school in Praise Assembly. You can see the rest of the flags here.

And here some of them are in situ in their flagpoles on Fore Street!

Book Week 2018 - Tanya Landman workshop:

We enjoyed a brilliant assembly and workshop with local author, Tanya Landman, who told us all about her experiences as a writer and puppeteer. We had fun planning out a problem and resolution to the problem for her two puppets - Flotsam and Jetsam. Some of us even wrote up our own stories! 

Bookweek 2018 - World Book Day (Character Dressing Up Day):

The advantage of holding book week earlier than other schools is:

  • You can book local authors to come and work with the children
  • Character Dressing Up day did not end up being a snow day!
And here are some of the groups...
There are more pictures of year 4 and book week here.

Teddy Zip wire for Sport Relief:

For a £1 donation towards Sport Relief, we were able to launch our teddy bear (possibly in fancy dress) down a temporary zip wire in the back playground... All but 3 children from both classes launched teddy bears!

Here are a few photos of the launching of the teddies, and you can see more photos here. A brilliant way to raise funds for Sport Relief and great fun to watch as well.



The first half of term:

For the first 2 weeks of this half term we are continuing our history topic from last term - "What evidence remains in Great Britain from the Roman times?". Our new topic of the summer term is Science based and asks the question "What happens inside us?" You can view the overview here.


Roman Day:

To bring our learning about the Romans to a close, we held a Roman Day.

Our Roman Day was a great way to end our topic on the Romans. We had the chance to come dressed as a Roman, and complete a selection of different challenges. There was food tasting (although not the "delicacy" of roasted dormouse...) and an opportunity to show the work we had produced for our home learning enquiry question. We ended the day with an short exhibition of our learning, which parents and relatives could see at home time.


There is a selection of photos below, and you can see more from the day here.

Some of the costumes:
Our home learning projects:

Year 4 Tea Party:

May Day was the date for our annual tea party, with our invited guests from the Tuesday Fellowship Group and the volunteers who help make our school such a lovely place. With a little help from year 1 and 2, we entertained our guests with country dancing and musical performances. Tea and cake was greatly received by all!

There are more photos of the Tea Party in the Gallery here.

The Big Pedal in Year 4:

As part of the Big Pedal Challenge, we had the opportunity to work with Charlotte, from Sustrans, to make smoothies using a bicycle! We planned our smoothies the week before, using a comprehensive tasting session to help us decide upon our flavours, and then made our smoothies using pedal power alone! There are more photos in the gallery here.

The Digestive System:

To launch our learning about the question "What happens inside us?" we learnt all about what happens to the food we eat at different stages of the digestive system - it was quite yucky at times... There are more photos here.

The second half of term:

For the first few weeks of this half term we are continuing our science topic from last term - "What happens inside us?". Our final topic of the remainder of the summer term is Geography based and compares our local environment around the River Exe to the River Amazon.


Heart of Heavitree flags (again):

We keep making it into the press regarding this project. Here is the article in the most recent edition of the Heavitree News. The flags still look great!

Gardening Club are branching out:

Year 4's gardening club have recently been helping plant the new raised flower beds on Fore Street.

Dylan says: "We have been helping out around the school as well as the planters in Fore Street. There are herbs and flowers, including strawberry plants, in these new beds. It was great fun and I enjoyed doing something we don't usually get to do!". Josephine agrees, adding "We had fun working with each other as well as planting. We all had to help each other." 

You can see the flower beds outside the shops by the old NatWest bank.

Food and Nutrition Workshops @ St Luke's:

We made our way up to St Luke's on a rather warm Monday morning to complete 3 different food and nutrition based workshops with Mr Mann. The workshops covered:

  • The Eatwell Guide - sorting foods into the relevant section on the guided and considering the food we had eaten the previous day and where it sat on the guide.
  • Breakfast smoothie making - choosing from a range of fresh ingredients (fruit, oats, honey, milk etc) to create a unique breakfast smoothie (to varying degrees of success - see some of the reactions in the photos!)
  • Creating a savoury snack from scratch - using a quick dough recipe, adding fresh ingredients into the dough to create a "Twisted Pizza Savoury Scone Snack" (check out the alliteration!).
There are more photos in the gallery here.

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