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5D and 5RL

Teachers: Mrs Durkin, Mrs Richardson, Mr Latham, and Mr Randall

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Slack, Mrs Middlebrooke, Miss Clapp


Autumn Term:

We began the term with our science topic of ‘Mysterious Materials’.  Our focus was to develop children’s understanding of properties of materials and knowledge of key scientific terms through a variety of learning challenges. Children learnt about states of matter as well as mixing and separating materials. In groups, they planned and carried out experiments to investigate the ‘best’ material from which to make a sustainable carrier bag. The highlight of our topic was a morning working with science teachers from St. Luke’s Science College. Following this, the children carried out independent research projects, presenting their learning in a variety of ways at our science exhibition, and talking knowledgeably about their learning. Mysterious Materials gallery


Our curriculum lead for the second half of the term was “Curious about Castles?”  Our learning focus was on Britain in the time of the Norman Conquest.  Children learnt about life during Anglo Saxon times, the Norman Conquest and the development of castles in Britain. We all enjoyed a visit to Exeter Cathedral (Cathedral visit gallery) where children gained an understanding about the structure of buildings during medieval times, and took part in workshops to develop their understanding of various building techniques. Whilst there they also visited the resident stonemasons and made their own models of catapults. Our literacy was linked closely to our Castles topic with all children writing information texts based on independent research into an aspect of Castles. In groups children built models of early castles and shared these with parents at a celebratory exhibition in the school hall.

Castles gallery


Spring Term:

Our curriculum leads for this term were Music and Art, and our topic was “Moonlight and Mystery”. 

Our learning focused on evoking atmosphere through poetic language, Music and Art. Children drew these three elements together for our end of unit outcome. Through the poem “The Listeners”, the children developed their skills in using language to evoke atmosphere of mystery and suspense. Using chalk and charcoal they created images of moonlight and mystery to complement their writing.


As part of our fairground topic we visited Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, where we learnt all about how different traditional fairground rides work, as well as the tricks of the trade on the “side stalls” such as the coconut shy!  We even had the chance to ride on some of the amazing rides there! Dingles visit gallery


As the culmination of our topic on Fairgrounds the children (with help from mums and dads!) spent the day creating their own working fairground ride! The children made use of the Lego for the working parts and then created their own “decorations” to complete their models. Fairground models gallery


On Thursday 22nd January we were visited by two members of Devon’s Fire and Rescue service. During this session children revisited the following areas of fire safety:

How to test a smoke alarm
‘Stop, Drop and Roll’
Escape plans
Hoax calls



Using some of our PTFA funding, the children attended a performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in the Chapter House of Exeter Cathedral. The play was presented by the amazing “Handlebards” – four actors who cycle around the country to various different performance venues. The children were mesmerised by the performance, and all could retell the story on our return to school. We are hoping to work with the Handlebards back in school next year! Handlebards gallery


A select group of year 5 boys have been given the opportunity to work on the school’s “Goblin Car”. Supervised by Mr Russell (a parent helper) they have been studiously dismantling and re-constructing the car in preparation for a racing event in June! Goblin Car gallery


Summer Term

Our curriculum focus for this term is “Wonderful World”; a science based topic exploring the areas of scientific classification (through developing their own classification keys), seed dispersal (through a home learning project of their choosing), life cycles, food chains and food webs. In independent learning, the children have planned and completed projects to answer their own enquiry questions about seed germination.


We’ve also been lucky enough to have received some coaching in Tag Rugby from the schools development squad at Exeter Chiefs. - Tag Rugby gallery


The highlight for the children in the first half of the summer term was our residential visit to Heatree House on Dartmoor. The children had been eagerly anticipating the visit for the whole year, and all who attended had a fantastic, if exhausting time!


The children had the opportunity to complete the following activities:

Mission Impossible – orienteering to find markers around the grounds, followed by raft building and a race, using resources “bought” with the points scored in the orienteering.
Low Adventure – The low adventure course involves both team and individual challenges. It will test your skills of balance, co-operation, communication and level of adventure, but the biggest attraction is of course the bog!
High Ropes – individual challenges up in the trees!
Tamakele Island – An exciting activity in which small groups follow a trail through the beautiful woods and tackle a range of physical and mental challenges along the way.
Bronze Age Round House – Dressing up and travelling back in time 4,000 years to experience life as it would have been for a family living in a roundhouse. Completing daily tasks such as cooking, pottery, jewellery making and willow work; and sharing stories and music around the glowing embers of the fire.


The evenings were spent enjoying the grounds of Heatree House, not forgetting the “fashion show” on Tuesday evening! All in all a fantastic three days was had by all – everyone looked very bleary eyed on the Thursday morning back in school (and that was just the staff)! Check out the photos in the gallery


Having returned to school, and to complete our week of outdoor experiences, we spent the day in the woodland area, creating artwork, building “Bug Hotels” and making pizza in our cob oven! - Woodland Day gallery


2 teams of year 5 children took part in the Tag Rugby Festival on Friday 12th June at Ladysmith Junior School. One of our teams returned to St Michael’s as champions! Well done to Joel, Harley, Sam B, Evie, Isaac K, Austin, Tia, Chloe A, Bethan and Daniel. - Year 5 Tag Rugby Festival gallery


Goblin Car Championships, Newquay -


7 budding Formula 1 drivers, accompanied by their support team of Paul Russell (parent helper) and Mr Randall, departed school at 6:30am on Wednesday 17th June to compete in this event. Here’s what some of the children had to say:

“I really enjoyed going down to Newquay and coming second place in the slalom race, because I got to do the one mile race at the end!!” Lauren
“I was really good at the slalom because I didn’t hit any cones and stopped in the box!” Sam
“It was awesome coming second in the slalom, but even better was winning the drag race!” Ethan
“It was the best day ever because we came second in the slalom and we all had a go!” Harley
“It was one of the most fun days ever and we came second in the slalom! There was a café, the police and a slush puppy machine!” Jesse

Check out the photos in the gallery.


On Monday 22 June the whole year group trekked to St Luke’s Sport’s College to take part (with year 6) in the annual Primary Olympics day. As usual we had prepared our flag – this year we were France – and… we won the best flag competition for a 2nd year running!

 The children enjoyed a fully packed day of team and individual activities, run by the sport’s leaders from St Luke’s. Lots of our children won awards for sportsmanship and effort, so we were really proud of them.

 Check out the gallery here – and yes, the ice creams were as good as they look!


Students from St Peter's have been coaching us in the art of Ultimate Frisbee - we are really lucky to have these sessions as teams from St Peter's are National Champions! (Gallery) Looks like some of you will be more active on the beach this summer!


Our final visit of the year was to Exmouth by train – this really helped us to develop our “sense of place” for our local area. We all enjoyed the train journey along the estuary and the walk round Exmouth and along the seafront. The highlight for most was the time on the beach – building sandcastles; digging holes; paddling and wave jumping; dive-bombing seagulls; and ice cream! A day to remember and a perfect way to end the year together! Check out the gallery here 


School Motto

‘Enriching Lives Every Day’

Mission Statement

For in Him you have been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. – 1 Corinthians 1-5 is the basis of our Christian Values of: Excellence; Nurture; Respect; Integrity; Compassion; Hope (ENRICH)

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