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Oaks & Elms (Reception)

Teachers: Mrs Cragg & Mrs Sowden, Mrs Vile & Mrs Horn

Teaching Assistants: Miss Jewels, Mrs Lear, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Smith, Mrs Stokes


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Wow! What a great start to the year!

We’ve already made such amazing progress, thanks so much to all the parents and carers for all their help and support.

Our new classes have made new friends, learnt lots about what goes on in school and settled in to our classroom space with joy and growing confidence.

Our theme is respect and we’ve talked about being polite and kind to each other, as well as looking after school property and trying to keep everything neat, tidy and in working order!

Now it’s time to learn all about letters and their sounds so that we can begin to read and write.


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September Days!

September Days! 1
September Days! 2
September Days! 3
September Days! 4
September Days! 5
September Days! 6
Here we are getting used to our new school - making new friends and learning about our new place.

We made bread rolls!

We made bread rolls! 1
We made bread rolls! 2
We made bread rolls! 3
We made bread rolls! 4
We made bread rolls! 5
We made bread rolls! 6
We've been learning about the Little Red Hen and how she planted the seed, grew some wheat and took it to the miller before she made bread from the flour. Our cook Kate came to help us make bread rolls - they were delicious!

We love cooking!

We love cooking! 1
We love cooking! 2
We love cooking! 3
We love cooking! 4
We love cooking! 5

Welly Wednesday!

Welly Wednesday! 1
Welly Wednesday! 2
Welly Wednesday! 3
We all went down to the woodland area to kick leaves and collect words to help us write about Autumn. It was a beautiful day for a walk!

Tasting vegetables!

Tasting vegetables! 1
Tasting vegetables! 2
Tasting vegetables! 3
Tasting vegetables! 4
Tasting vegetables! 5
Tasting vegetables! 6
We have been reading 'Oliver's Vegetables' so we decided that we would all taste some different vegetables like Oliver did. Kate the cook brought lots of vegetables for us to taste, we arranged them on a wrap, and then we ate them! Yum!

Singing and dancing!

Singing and dancing! 1
Singing and dancing! 2
Singing and dancing! 3
Singing and dancing! 4
Here we are practising clapping in time with the music and singing 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!'


Bonfire! 1
Bonfire! 2
Bonfire! 3
Bonfire! 4
Bonfire! 5
Bonfire! 6
We enjoyed the bonfire and sparklers in the woods. We have been reading Firework poems.

Church visit.

Church visit. 1
Church visit. 2
Church visit. 3
Church visit. 4
Church visit. 5
Church visit. 6
We visited our school church - St Michael's. Father Robin met us and showed us things we could see, touch, hear and smell. We really enjoyed exploring the church.

Cinderella's Ball

Cinderella's Ball 1
Cinderella's Ball 2
Cinderella's Ball 3
Cinderella's Ball 4
Cinderella's Ball 5
Cinderella's Ball 6