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Oaks & Elms (Reception)

Snowy days!

Snowy days! 1
Snowy days! 2
Snowy days! 3
Snowy days! 4

Teachers: Mrs Cragg & Mrs Sowden, Mrs Vile & Mrs Horn

Teaching Assistants: Miss Jewels, Mrs Lear, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Smith, Mrs Stokes


Spring Term 2018

So this term we’re seeing exciting progress in our learning! We are beginning to be able to use our digraph knowledge in our writing, and to spot them in our reading. Our writing table is all full and we are getting through paper very fast! We are learning to write calculations, and have learnt all about the special signs we use in them.

We’ve especially loved the Bear Hunt story, making music and lots of craft activities too.

We’re embracing the cold weather and learning to put on coats, gloves and scarves by ourselves.

World Book Day was a highlight for us and we especially enjoyed seeing the grown ups all dressed up!

The rest of this term is all about Goldilocks and we are looking forward to learning her story and doing some fabulous writing!

Our last week will focus on the Easter story culminating with our visit to church to celebrate as a school.

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Visit from Susan our lollipop lady!

Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 1
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 2
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 3
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 4
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 5
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 6
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 7
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 8
Visit from Susan our lollipop lady! 9

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 1
World Book Day 2018 2
World Book Day 2018 3
World Book Day 2018 4
World Book Day 2018 5
World Book Day 2018 6

February days!

February days! 1
February days! 2
February days! 3
February days! 4
February days! 5
February days! 6
February days! 7
February days! 8
February days! 9
February days! 10
February days! 11
February days! 12

Autumn Term

Wow! What a great start to the year!

We’ve already made such amazing progress, thanks so much to all the parents and carers for all their help and support.

Our new classes have made new friends, learnt lots about what goes on in school and settled in to our classroom space with joy and growing confidence.

Our theme is respect and we’ve talked about being polite and kind to each other, as well as looking after school property and trying to keep everything neat, tidy and in working order!

Now it’s time to learn all about letters and their sounds so that we can begin to read and write.

Look out for our Fact Finders so that you can find out all about the best ways to support your child and join in with their learning journey.