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Jaguars & Pumas (Year 6)

Teachers: Mrs Bone, Mrs Richardson, Miss Lee & Mrs Durkin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bryant, Mrs Fox, Mrs Slack

Autumn Term

Welcome to an exciting year of learning in Year Six. We are all looking forward to a fantastic year.


This half term, we will be focusing on a Science based enquiry question: Why do some animals no longer exist? We'll be looking at how animals may have evolved over time and how species might vary. We'll find out about 'survival of the fittest' and look at animals from the past, which have become extinct, and creatures which have only recently become extinct. We'll also be using the green screen to make a presentation about an extinct creature. There's more curriculum information on our curriculum overview.


In October, we will finish the topic by visiting Lyme Bay to hunt for fossils and learn more about our beautiful Jurassic Coast. Dates and cost to follow.


We'd like to invite any parents, who would like more information about the SATs in May, to join us for a chat. We can offer two dates: 25th September at 5.00pm ( in Jaguars' classroom) and 27th September 2.45pm, during Praise Assembly ( in Pumas' classroom).